As we know that coronavirus spread around the world and china city Wuhan was the first victim of that covid-19. It affects the mass population of china and the quantity of coronavirus patients increases day by day. It became difficult to cure the patients due to a lack of capacity in the hospitals. So they decided to build prefabricated quarantine rooms for patients of covid-19 hospital capacity for 1000 patients within 9 days.
Now, covid-19 hit the Pakistan and coronavirus cases are increasing day by day so in that situation advance engineering is offering the prefabricated quarantine rooms for patients of covid-19. Advance engineering is a long-standing and trusted prefabricated building manufacturer in Islamabad. Currently, we are in a position to respond with urgency to the demanding for hospital quarantine isolation rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Negative-pressure prefabricated quarantine rooms

Negative-pressure prefabricated quarantine rooms are required for quarantined patients in Pakistan with coronavirus to avoid droplets (from sneezing, coughing or exhalation) and contact transmission. Now the COVID-19, the need for viral-disease control spaces in hospitals and healthcare facilities is real.
To decrease the spread of airborne infection, healthcare facilities have designed airborne infectious isolation (AII) rooms with negative-pressure differential and/or protective environment (PE) rooms with positive-pressure differential.
These prefabricated quarantine rooms take weeks to install so they are used in more permanent facilities but are common. The same principles hold in different types of manufacturing. Electronics are particularly sensitive to dust and external influences. Semi-conductors and other sensitive hardware are typically manufactured in such a sterile environment with workers wearing face masks and suits to avoid contamination.
Advance engineering Manufacturing produces high quality, tested, and proven rooms. As a recognized company, we follow international standards for manufacturing such facilities. Our clean rooms follow ISO9001, ISO45001, and OHSAS 18001 standards. When you need a clean facility room, our prefabricated quarantine rooms modules help, meeting strict standards while being relatively inexpensive and affordable.