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Gulberg Greens Islamabad

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Gulberg Greens Real Estate for Purchase and sale of commercial, mini commercial, and residential Plots

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Gulberg Greens Islamabad is located in the CDA Zone 4 and is based in farmhouses. Gulberg greens Islamabad is on a mission to revolutionize the way people live and give them a comfortable and luxurious way of living. The location is ideal for both the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as it is located on the main Islamabad Highway and has a central location.

The project is approved by the Capital Development Authority and is further extended to Gulberg Greens and Gulberg Residencia projects. The project promotes green living by offering a clean and green living surrounding. It is a step towards preserving natural resources and making them a part of human life.

This green living will help the residents to gain optimal health as the project has about 80 percent of its land covered with greenery. To emphasize their goal of green living in a better manner, they have dedicated the land to a wide range of fruit trees, plants, and flowers, all of which add to the beauty of the project.

A refined balance between maintaining the quality of life and staying in touch with the latest technology and development is one of the defining qualities of Gulberg Greens Islamabad. It has a high-tech infrastructure, complete with a network of wide roads with an approximate width of 220 feet. To add to the functionality, the city will have a signal-free drive that will be supported with an underpass.

An underpass is an absolute must to control and manage the influx of traffic and Gulberg Greens Islamabad has strong plans of adding this important aspect into the project’s building structure. It will ease the commute between the twin cities and the people will not have to wait in endless traffic lines.

Besides the residential and spaces for greenery, the project has carefully planned spaces that are meant to accommodate multiple businesses. Furthermore, it also aims at providing a nearby residential option for the people working in those companies.

Since Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a project of IBECHS, it is a trusted name and people are investing in this mega project. For booking and other details, please contact the main office.

Facilities in Gulberg Greens Islamabad

What makes Gulberg Greens and Residencia ideal locations and a safe and wise investment? The deluxe farmhouses and houses offer a number of high-end amenities that make it an ideal and wise residential and investment point. Gulberg Residencia offers the same amenities as Gulberg Greens. The residents will enjoy all the basic facilities of life and will be able to have a clean and green environment for them and their families.

Opting for a Gulberg Greens farmhouse or a Gulberg Residencia house comes with the below facilities.

  • Round the Clock Electricity Supply
  • Complete Ownership
  • Community with a Security Gate
  • 80% Green Area
  • Dedicated Security System
  • Solar Powered Street Lamps
  • Underground Electricity Wiring
  • Wide Road Network
  • 24/7 Water Supply
  • Proactive Waste Management System
  • Constant Sui Gas Supply
  • Mosques

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