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Ghouri Green Real Estate for Purchase and sale of commercial, mini commercial and residential Plots                                             

Ghauri Town Islamabad is located in Zone IV of the city, accessible from the Islamabad Expressway and Main Lethrar Road. It was the project of Raja Ali Akbar and Chaudhary Abdur Rehman Company but now Ch. Muhammad Usman took over its charge and changed its name to Ghauri green. It is surrounded by housing societies like Fazaia Housing Colony, Koral Town and Gulzar-e-Quaid Housing Colony, the Main target of Ghauri Town Housing Society is the mid-range income group.

Nearby Islamabad Expressway, Ghauri Town is located at a prime location. Educational institutes are easily reachable. Koral Chowk, Airport Chowk, PWD, Park Road, and Faizabad Interchange are within reach. You can easily reach the commercial hub of Rawalpindi and Islamabad takes no more than 40 minutes.

Ghauri Town Islamabad contains 8 Phases. Ghauri town Phases 4-8 are located on both sides of the main road passing through Ghauri Town. Ghauri Town phase 6 plots have been merged with some plots as a part of Phase 5 and others into Phase 7 and does not exist as a separate entity.

The First 5 phases of Ghauri Town have a fully operational commercial market with a variety of facilities including banks, restaurants and shops, electricity, water supply, gas, and basic life facilities available for all residents.

Ghauri Town phase 7 is separate from other phase’s offers better infrastructure, widespread roads as an ideal residential location and a place for commercial plots. A market Area of Phase 7 and 8 already have been planned and are going through rapid development. The availability of underground sewerage, town security, graveyard, public transport, hospitals, and mosques makes it an attractive residential place to live in.

Ghauri Town phase 8 is only 4 km away from the Airport Chowk, this phase is attached to Ghauri Garden main road and Ghauri Town Phase 5. It is reachable from Gulberg green Islamabad and Lehtrar Road is right next to it. Nearby housing societies like PWD Housing Scheme and commercial areas increase the value of this phase. Ghauri Town phase 8 is developing fast with available facilities of electricity, water supply, public transport, security, underground sewerage system, mosques, parks, hospitals, roads, and its own telecommunication setup. According to people expecting affordable housing with accessibility to daily life facilities, Ghauri Town Islamabad could be a preferable choice. Here is the list of Ghauri town Islamabad all Phases.




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Ghouri Gree Phases

  • Ghauri VIP
  • Ghauri Phase 1
  • Ghauri Phase 2
  • Ghauri Phase 3
  • Ghauri Phase 4
  • Ghauri Phase 4-A
  • Ghauri Phase 4-B
  • Ghauri Phase 4-C/1
  • Ghauri Phase 4-C/2
  • Ghauri Phase 5
  • Ghauri Phase 5-A
  • Ghauri Phase 7
  • Ghauri Phase 8 Green Gracia
  • Rehman Residentia
  • Akbar Enclave


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