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Office Container Manufacturer In Islamabad

About Office Container

Advance Engineering offers its clients office container manufacturer in Islamabad that be installed permanently or temporarily, depending upon the client’s requirements. The design and space in these offices can be altered to better suit the businesses’ needs.

Our office container manufacturer in Islamabad are usually available in two sizes i.e. 8’x20’ and 8’x40’. These office units are of a sturdy build and are equipped with electricity, air-conditioning and heating facilities. Phone and computer connection is also installed so you can furnish your office as any other office architect. Our office container manufacturer in Islamabad are insulated against humidity and are fully lined with interior finish. Please contact Advance engineering for book your office Containers now.

General specifications of office containers Officer Office (10’x 20’).

(1)       Semi-Solid outer door with glass top panel

(2)       Tiled attached washroom of 5’x 7’ with sandwich panel door

(3)       Shower set of Master brand and ceramics of local brand

(4)       Fixed computer table and top document shelf beside washroom

(5)       Matt sheet flooring

(6)       PVC Wall Panelingl

(7)       2 x exhaust fans (1 x room, 1 x bath room)

  1. Staff office (10’’x 20’).

(1)       Semi-solid outer door with glass top panel

(2)       5 x fixed work stations in each container

(3)       Fixed top document shelves

(4)       Matt sheet flooring

(5)       1 x exhaust fans

  1. Staff Accommodation (10’’x 20’).

(1)       UPVC Solid outer door

(2)       No washroom

(3)       Matt sheet flooring

(4)       1 x exhaust fans

  1. Conference / Sitting Room (10’’x 30’).

(1)       UPVC Solid outer door

(2)       1 x Single door for kitchen access

(3)       Attached washroom of 5’ x 8’ size

(4)       Additional UPVC wall paneling

(5)       Wooden floor

(6)       2 x UPVC sliding windows of 4’ x 5’ size

(7)       Custom Constructed at Yard with 18 gauge sheet for wall and roof.

(8)       2 x exhaust fans