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Honda Dual Clutch Repairing

Honda Dual Clutch Repairing Services in Islamabad

When Honda first announced that it would start using dual-clutch transmissions in its cars, I thought that while Honda was late to the game, perhaps it was because it wanted to perfect the technology before introducing it. After all, the Japanese are traditionally more conservative, and we all know dual-clutch transmissions – especially the dry lubrication variants – can be problematic in hot climates.

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It seems that Honda has hit a snag with its dual-clutch transmissions, specifically the 7-speed one in the Fit Hybrid and Vezel Hybrid. It has issued a recall for over 80,000 cars fitted with the transmission, to have either its software updated or the transmission changed.

This is actually the third time it has done a recall for cars fitted with its dual-clutch transmission, with the first two being in October and December 2013. Both are also related to defects in the software program.

Honda Dual clutch repairing services in Islamabad Pakistan

Currently, if you have Honda Vezel or Honda grace and you are facing a problem with dual-clutch transmission then you don’t need to get worried about it. We are providing a honda dual-clutch repairing services in Islamabad. we Repairing the Honda vezel, Honda Grace, Honda Fit Dual-clutch set. We provide our Honda Vessel dual-clutch repairing service all over Pakistan. You do not need to sell your car because of this issue because we have solutions. it includes to open the old part and fix it again with Compute calibration. so feel free to call us.


Can someone please advise us on what are the oil changes (transmission oil, clutch oil, brake oil, engine oil, etc) that are required in the grace, Vezel, and fit, the interval that those should be changed on and suggest us on the trademarks for those oils.

Answer: Oil Changing Frequency:

  • Engine oil has to be changed every 5000km (oil 0w-20 for the engine fully synthetic)
  • Gearbox oil every 20,000 – 40’000 depend on the weather condition in your country for Pakistan makes it 20,000.  Once you get error “Transmission overheated” you must change the transmission old.
  • Clutch oil every 20’000
    Better get the car serviced in a hybrid hub. They are the best in town.


What we advise Normally in Pakistan when u saw this error stop the vehicle, engine and let it co0l down for an hour, then the first thing you should do is go to the agent and check vehicle transmission oil position, change the duel clutch oil immediately otherwise Dual Clutch will be out or order and u need to tow your car and the repairing process will cost you 130,000 to 180,000